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Moving day!

We did it! We moved ourselves and endless cardboard boxes filled with memories to Brussels. Down the street, up two floors, to a cosy place we call home. It's. The. Best. And it has a view. The light in the living room fades gently from winter grey to dark christmas green. Early morning mist puts a smile on my face. Waking up to the sight of the city through sleepy eyes, the sound of the coffee machine and the feeling of new adventures make my heart beat a little faster. I still pinch myself: is this real?

After a year of roaming islands in Thailand, hippy festivals in Australia, meditation in Nepal, Italian holidays and getting lost in Portugal, I finally found myself again. In Brussels, where it all started three years ago. Where friends are just a shout away and live music is the spoken language. Where neighbours are Greek, French, Spanish and Moroccan. Where grey Belgium shows its hidden colours.

I can't wait to introduce you to the doormat and washing machine in the hall. The boxes we emptied, the plants and our breakfast table. With a view. Brussels, you're a sight to behold.

Welcome home :)

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