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Dollhouse Delft

Let me tell you a story about a Lithuanian woman. I still didn't figure out what name to give her. Over the past years I have called her my Spanish roomie, big sister, little sister, Dutch friend, party partner in crime and Lithuanian granny. She is one of those people who walks into your life and from that moment on, you can't imagine what life looked like before she came along. One of the rare people you can miss for two years and then catch up again like you saw each other just two days ago.

Without her, I would probably never have found a reason to visit Delft. The city of white and blue, cheese and a gazillion romantic bridges. Somewhere in the middle of all that lays a boat in which two smiley people live. They welcomed me for a weekend of Dutch day trips fueled with coffee and gluhwein. It was marvellous. I fell straight in love with Delft and its wonderful people. It might have had something to do with the little dollhouse sized homes and the flags in the trees. Like every day is a celebration. The way people ride their bikes next to the water over the cobble stones with a basket full of flowers. Ah, cliches! The warm nest of recognition I like to roll myself into on weekends in The Netherlands.

While taking a morning stroll from one bridge to another, I noticed the words "Wees Blij" on the side of a building. It means "Be happy". Seems like everyone who walks around this lovable city lives by that rule. I'm hooked.

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