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Cacao queen

You ask me what's cooking? I'll tell you. Don't judge. Because there is a lot of cosy evenings dressed up in PJ's happening. One chair is slowly taking the shape of my ass and I've stared at my laptop more in the last week than I have in four years. BUT I have an excuse for late nights in front of my hypnotizing computer screen and that is: my paper. Yes, I'm writing a paper like a real student. Only this time I'm studying herbalism and I get to choose a plant to write about. My everlasting love for chocolate pointed me in the direction of the cacao tree.

Knock on my door with any question about the healing powers of cacao and I'll keep you busy for a day or two. I'll stuff your face with brownies and Belgian chocolates, just to make sure you don't run away.

I'm experiencing only one tiny problem. It's hard to do hours of research on chocolate without eating every single bar of the goodness in the neighbourhood. So our hood is momentarily chocolateless. My excuses to all people of Saint-Gilles. And to every piece of clothing that is saying NO when I try it on in the morning and won't go anywhere close to where it's supposed to go. Jeans buttons don't even try to do their job anymore. Now I know what J.Lo must be going through. But then with every body part.

I guess I'm too late for 2015 good resolutions, since the year has started more than 10 days ago. So here we go, resolution for 2016: I want to be a professional chocolate taster. And fit in at least one dress. But for now: a big piece of chocolate cake please!

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