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Dancing in the streets

I spent most of January inside, staring at my computer screen and out of the window. Writing my paper and dreaming of exploring everything outside. It's always like that, if you have to get things done, all you long for is doing the exact opposite. That's me anyway. One night, while being stuck inside writing the damn paper, all I could think of was go for a midnight jog session. I hate jogging. Running just makes gravity do its thing even more and faster than usual. But two minutes later, I was in my roomies running outfit. Fluorescent everything and blood pumping music in my ears. Let's goooo!

After about four minutes I was completely ruined. That's why I hate running. But the music was so good. There was no one on the street (this only happens on a Monday night at 1 am). And I was wearing glow in the dark clothes. I felt like I was at a full moon party. Alone. But with fine tunes. So I just danced my way through the center of Brussels. You can't believe how free it made me feel. Now I'm stuck with the idea of organizing a midnight dance party on a random Monday night in Brussels. Get your fluorescent on and come dance!

Last time I did something like that, was in Nepal. About six months ago I joined the colour run (yes, I hate running but I just love colours!) in Pokhara. In my wedding dress. We'll do a wedding dress special Monday midnight dance party, for the fans (me!).

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