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Valentine's blur

Oh lord. We have survived yet another day of cheesiness drenched in love heart shaped chocolates. Of course this single girl is talking about Valentine's Day. Kissing couples seem to tempt me to throw rocks at them and yes I'll have another salted caramel ice cream. With extra fries and other shit that makes me forget about my heart's health. Don't get me wrong, I love being single. But the only reason I enjoyed Valentine's is because it was a night of dancing my ass off with friends. And I prefer that any day of the week, instead of looking for the next best thing on tinder just to have a man on my arm for date night.

Night time bike rides home are mostly blurry, but always philosophical. It makes me see Brussels in another light, with different people running the streets. The cool boys don't look so tough anymore when they're singing along with a girl on a golden bicycle at 3 am. New ideas enter the mind and more dancing needs to be done. In the mean time, I sing so loud I lose my voice somewhere along the way.

Which leads to a Sunday of severe huskiness and slight haziness, putting memories in little boxes to place outside where they wait for the garbage truck to take them somewhere far far away. While inside we invite friends, flip pancakes and pop champagne bottles. To celebrate our love for each other, and the one thing that connects all of us. Our mutual never ending crush on Brussels. Shaken to the core, weak to the knees. This city and I have been through a lot together, but never enough. Bruxelles ma belle. Can't wait for the next surprises you've got in store.

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