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Spring power

Time to drop whatever you're doing, leave the house and go outside because it's SPRING O'CLOCK!!! At the moment storms are coming over Brussels, so parks are closed and me and my bike fly from one side of the road to another, but I decided to ignore all that and pretend as if spring is really happening. Eat this, rainy Belgium!

As the first sun rays hit the city, I did what I love doing most on sunny mornings: drink insane amounts of coffee at the flea market and look for treasures. Browsing through ugly golden dresses and scratched records with voices of angry black women: is there anything better? Aaahh the sweet smell of spring combined with dusty old stuff. The. Best.

And just when things couldn't get any better, they did. While wandering around Ixelles, my eye caught a glimpse of something that looked exactly like a pastel de nata. True love shaped like a Portuguese cake. I blinked and it was still there. Together with 999 others. All of them calling out my name. Resisting was useless.

Sweet, happy spring!

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