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Spring break visitors

Chocolate eggs, caramel filled easter bunnies and friendly visits from around the world. No more reasons for face stuffing needed, indeed. The last two weeks I enjoyed holidays you usually only get as a child. Easter holidays! Or spring break for the teenage fans. Nonexistent for grown ups. You see, I will do anything not to become an adult. So I had myself a two week spring holiday.

Sweet friends hopped on trains from London and Amsterdam to get some Brussels' sunshine on their faces. And story marathons until the second they fell asleep. Even that didn't stop me from talking. Days and nights of catch-ups and laughter and story sharing. Good for the soul. Just like dressing up as rockabilly chicks and drinking vodka till the morning light hurt our eyes.

Having a home is good, you can invite friends over and travel with them around your city. Your eyes get a whole fresh look on things. New energy, charged batteries in the camera and bibbedi bobbedi boo, you're a tourist! Before you know it, you are one of those people. You know what I mean. Taking pictures of the peeing man in the center of Brussels. Going to all possible view points to get that perfect complete city scenery. Becoming more animal than human when visiting the flea market at closing time. No pocket left unstuffed. Adrenaline turns old crap into treasures. People fight for already written postcards, already used pieces of soap, already broken teacups. I happily join them, as the tourist I am.

Welcome to Brussels!

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