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Road trip to Italy: the way there

Oh man I love road trips! I'm not sure if it's the different sceneries flashing by or the fact that I don't drive so I have both hands free to play DJ. This time though, more creativity was required of me. The car was screaming for CD's and well, I don't have any in Brussels. But god must have heard our prayers because the day before leaving, I found a free HITBOX album at the flea market. The music is so damn good, even the guys on the market don't bother asking money for it. Possibly the only album that can start with Macarena and end with George Michael. The wonderful thing about not knowing how to drive and not having to shuffle an iPod around looking for fine tunes, is that I had both arms and full upper body free to DANCE!

So you can imagine the road trip went swell. Even better if you know that next to me was sitting, driving and dancing my dear friend Freddy, a multilingual white African man. We had nine hours to kill, so we learnt the lyrics of Macarena by heart. We also closely studied the dance moves of this video: and realized that bitch stole my moves! If you have ever seen me on a dance floor, festival or any square meter after midnight, you can agree these moves are an exact copy of mine. If you never had the pleasure of watching me break out in nineties classics on the street, just look at the video and you get the point.

The down side of playing songs like these on the way to your travel destination, is that they won't leave your head for a second during your entire trip. Trust me. Even if you have no clue what they are actually singing, you will sing along. Night and day. We took them with us to a dreamlike squad in Geneve, through the tiny streets of Aosta and on the Milano design week. And back.

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