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Road trip to Italy part 2: Geneva

I'm so slack at blogging lately! I've been wanting to tell you all about my trip to Geneva and Milano, but instead I've visited every terrace in Brussels, catching every possible ray of sun. Summer is slowly making it's grand arrival and I'm all about summer time. The blossoming forests, ice cream cones filled with chocolate, butterflies and bearded men... I'm going a bit crazy here! In a wonderful way!

I'm pretty sure it all started the moment we arrived in Geneva. Nine hours in a car full of pumping nineties tunes made us feel like we drank fourteen redbulls. Exactly. Unstoppable! Freddy's sister lived in a slice of Swiss paradise. An old school building with a big garden (veggies, medicinal plants, aaall the goods) and 25 gorgeous people living together. My vision of heaven, indeed. I dived right in through the window and felt completely and utterly at home in this colourful house of happiness.

There was pinata slapping, dancing on the roof, speaking all languages I can and can't (but after three glasses of wine; I can) and long and sunny bike rides around the city. I jumped off my bike maybe 38 times to yell out in awe of the magnificent mountain views. And the old center. The people. The hidden Ethiopian restaurant / living room. Holy smoke, it was glorious! Geneva, you've got me under your spell. One day, when I'm rich and old (because I don't see being rich happening in my youth. Nor in my adulthood. Hm.) I will be back!

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