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Road trip to Italy part 3: Milano designo

I'm the kind of person who looks like she rolled out of bed and grabbed whatever clothes she could find from under her bed. Because I AM that person. I don't care too much about clothes and whether their colours match or not. All I care about is the amount of glitter I can use in one outfit. The right answer is: as much as possible. So when I made my bag for our Italian road trip, I filled it up with glitters and other pieces of clothing that have nothing to do with each other. Also, I don't like the idea of having long hair to comb and take care of and turn into a particular hair style. I just take my curls and roll them up into a ball on top of my head. That's fine by me. Until I arrived in Milano.

There is probably no place on earth where people spend more time and effort on their outfit than Milano. For the first time in my life I felt underdressed. I had the feeling the 'out of bed rolling, grabbing random clothes' thing is not acceptable in the city of fashion. Not that I care. Just... There were people who styled their hair in shape of a hat! I loved it! I thought of how well I would fit in, if I just brought my wedding dress with me. Milano is one big dress up!

This time I was the invisible Alice in her wonderland which was actually a design festival. Small streets were transformed into playgrounds. Like a hungry crocodile, I walked through the alleys and ate up every bit of design I found along the way. My little camera, messy style and me blended in the festival crowd. A whirlwind of colours, young designers and aperol spritz. A glimpse of Milano memories.

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