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Green goodness

Power to the plants! Even in the crowded, carefully designed fashion city called Milano, no empty space is left without the green goods. Which makes the people who suck at fashion and design feel at home too. Clearly, I'm talking about me. After flicking through my Road trip to Italy photo album, I noticed most pictures I took, were of plants and flowers. Ah well, you know what they say.

Once a hippie, always a hippie.

Talking of plants, our Brussels balcony is slowly but surely turning into a true garden. Fake grass and everything. Nothing beats sunset over the Belgian capital with the feel of plastic grass under your feet. With a glass of pink wine, a seemingly endless stash of chocolate and fresh travel plans. Summer is bringing tons of inspiration and a herbalism degree. For now, I feel like working my ass off to save up for Canadian travels. In the mean time, there are festivals to dance to, rooftop terraces to chill at and flowers to smell.

Aaaahhh happy days.

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