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Summertime and the livin' is easy

I know, I know. I haven't been writing much lately. I can explain you my absence in one word: summer. Happiness tends to write blank pages, and these last months have been pretty damn good. It's been years since I spent summer in Belgium, and I don't know why. Because this is when our little country is at its best. I am talking festivals on a daily basis. Live music and cold beers as far as the eye can see. On the front row, me, screaming my lungs out. Singing along and dancing so hard I scare the people around me. I can't help it. It's my favourite thing in the world.

I saw two of the best concerts of my life this summer. Music so fine I left my earthly body to go dance somewhere in heaven. If you have seen Patti Smith or Gregory Porter live, you understand what I'm talking about. Divine chicken soup for the soul! Or something!

In the mean time I did the most grown up thing I have done in the past 26 years. I got my drivers license. I know! I don't get it either! Road trips, food trucks and caravan lifestyles are just around the corner! I can see the fear in your eyes, but I promise I won't buy a car and a ghetto blaster and drive around your neighbourhood after midnight. Because I can't afford it. And I love my bike Baltimore too much to trade him for a fuel drinking money machine.

But anyway! Drivers license! Woohoow! To celebrate I bought tickets to Portugal and Italy, to stay warm in winter and fill your cold nights with travel stories. On an impulsive morning I had one too many cups of coffee and booked a one way ticket to Australia. Yes, I'm going home :) Belgium is beautiful in summer, but in winter I long for sun. So January will be hot. Ocean swims, forest festivals and nature walks, I am ready.

But for now, bring on the late summer dance moves, autumn markets and cosy nights hidden in bars. Four more months. Brussels, give me all you've got.

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