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Bruxelles ma belle

Brussels, you glorious city. You are so easy to fall in love with. If you were a bearded man, I'm sure we would be married already. You would take me out on dates all over town, show me palaces and cobble stone alley ways. You throw in surprises like live blues jams on random Mondays and late night talks which end in blurry bike rides under full moon light. Oh you love music and theatre and you treat me to dance performances that leave me speechless. I've shown you my portion of dance moves but instead of watching me while smiling in silence, you turn up the volume and magically add hours to the nights, so there is more time to dance before the sun comes up.

There have been sunrises and plenty of orange coloured skies, but no stars. Not in the center, there aren't. Until I arrive in Sint-Gillis, where the doorbell says my name and night skies turn starry. That's when I grab my keys, realise I have a home. A place to rest my head and heart when you've been too much. Too overwhelming and loud. Don't get me wrong, that's what I love about you. But I need to escape from time to time. Your wind blows me to forests and lakes. I can't believe my eyes. You've got it all.

I'm happy you love my friends as much as I do. They adore you, you know.

You're making it really, really hard to leave.

Love you long time,


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