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Proud mama

Don't panic! I'm not having a baby! But I AM pregnant with my one and only Facebook page which gathers all herbalism adventures I will roll into worldwide. Recipes, tips, flowers, herbs, healing and feeling good. That's what Lélé's garden is all about. Well, actually I gave birth to it last night! So let's celebrate!

I got in the kitchen this morning for some home brewed golden milk, which should get me (and you!) through winter without worries. It's packed with turmeric, which is called the 'golden spice of life' for a reason. It's an immune system booster, antioxidant, good for memory and brain function AND last but not least: it's a great liver cleanser. Perfect for these winter feast days. So bring on the mulled wine, Christmas dinners and uncountable layers of clothes. We are ready!

For the recipe of Golden Milk, check Lélé's gardens page!

Happy new adventures from a flower loving wild child on a nomadic mission to conquer the world with flower bombs and herbal brews! ;)

Hope you enjoy it!

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