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Les gens que j'aime

I'm back where it all started four years ago. On the edge of Australian dreams and reality. One last week of Brussels itching my skin like grandma's knitted sweater. Enjoying freedom and wine in a dark corner on a comfy couch. In the bar with windows that look out to the world outside while inside loud chatter in almost all languages makes cheeks blush. Is it the rising of the temperatures or the falling of night? The evenings start early. Streetlights are needed after five. I hide in all my favourite places. I'm here, yes I'm home.

In one week I'm flying. What if I stay? What if finally I'm starting to fit in? It's fine baby, it's all good. Feeling at home is sweet, but so is shaking things up. Taking a plane to far away lands I learnt how to be by myself anyway. What I built up in Brussels, I can build anywhere. Missing is loving. There is no losing in this game, only gaining.

Gaining strength, knowledge, new perspectives, friends, love. Worldwide. Music will always be my healer and so is writing. Life's essentials. Eyes to see details and smile at strangers, ears that listen to stories and lyrics, goosebumps from music and love, tears for memories and laughter for what is now. No grass is greener than here and now. And my garden is fluorescent, glow in the dark green at the moment.

I wish you a garden so green you have to wear sunglasses to water the flowers.

Soon: off to new adventures. Australian night skies will replace my bedroom ceiling.

Love and excitement!

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