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Or how the night changes life as we know it

people are less aware

shame vanishes, embarrassment is nonexistent

dancing is the new walking, flirting the new talking

feet hurt but they are supposed to

legs are tired, which is completely normal

desires change, politeness turns into lust

eyes burn fire fire they scream

resting is for the weak, you think and drink and dance a little more

Once I'm out, I'm out

an entire lifetime happens in one night

I can fall in love, get high, feel low, dance until I'm up again and fall deeper in love

It's alright baby, you tell me, it's all good until the morning comes

The sun brings businessmen and with them suits and suitcases filled with files and traffic jams

That's when I remember I have a key that opens the door to my bed, where sore legs can lay

where I can stay an entire day

wrapped in blankets and yesterdays clothes,

I won't open eyes anymore.

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