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Chicken soup for the soul

Oh, how good it feels to treat the soul mighty fine! From fresh mint teas while drawing, to reading poetry on trains and watching Audrey Hepburn films while eating home cooked food, inviting friends I love, smiling at strangers, telling people how wonderful they are with written words. Writing stories and poems with other creative souls on a warm attic in Kessel-Lo. Falling in love with every man I see.

When the soul feels good, the heart does, too. So much love to give! Without reason, without doubt. Without intentions. Just pure, plain love. Everything goes hand in hand. When you take care of one part of yourself, it nourishes the other parts. Soul, heart, mind, body. Peace within is peace all around.

I feel ready. Ready for what's to come. New travel adventures. I feel like life is wrapping a blanket around me, makes me feel snug and good. I will cherish this feeling so it wants to hang out longer and stay.

Wishing you the same nourishing feeling!

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