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St Kilda wanders

This takes me back to

where it all started

three years ago

french toast bacon brekky

in a Melbourne cafe

walking around St Kilda

exploring possibilities of living here

it didn't last long

the next day we moved into a house

in Fitzroy just off Brunswick Street

the only way to end our endless party life

was to move out

book a flight to Tassie

and see what it's all about.

Sunday morning beach walk

meeting friends for breakfast

Albert Park boardwalk

picking up pieces

of running conversations

white boat watching

sitting next to the pier

I remember losing

my heart to Melbourne

to the people, the memories made here.

I can't believe it's been two years

what has taken me so long

to come back to Australia

land of wonder

where falling in love

is a daily thing

and freedom is the key to happiness

skies are always starry

storms heavy

bright moon

night night

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