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Grampians goodness

Put four girls in a car. Add music, crisp white goon and a great plan to go camping in the Grampians. Magic happens and good times roll about. The goon (for non-Aussies: a 5 liter box of cheap wine) hardly made it through the first night and we didn't quite make it through the second day. Gravity was hard to be maintained so we decided to chill in rock pools and walk along the lake.

I don't know if it was the interminable goon sipping, the sound of wildlife around the tent or the ultimately beautiful starry sky, but I slept with my eyes open that night. After 24 hours of recovering, we decided to spend the last day exploring like there was no tomorrow. And we did! We got up early and headed straight for beautiful lookouts. It was a cloudy morning. So the view was a cloud. The afternoon brought sunshine and waterfalls, actual gorgeous views and a sunburn. And kangaroos! I couldn't help but yell out every time one crossed our path. Imagine my enthusiasm when we saw fields FULL of them! I went mad with fluffy kangaroo love.

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