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River coffee morning walk of the mind

Sitting by the Yarra river soaking up the last rays of Melbourne sun. Cat Power is playing while I close my eyes. Warm hands around the first morning coffee breathing in the smell of a fresh day and ground beans. Cigarette smoke and milky clouds tickle my senses, people are yawning they make me smile. One gesture tells an entire story. Short nights early rise it's time to get going, time to get a move on.

My eyes are tiny, even smaller when I smile. That first sip makes my body shiver. Warm coffee on a crisp morning and you know everything will be alright. A little ritual I enjoy worldwide. In a winter cold Brussels apartment or outside of my tent in the Australian forest green. The soothing sound of a rattling coffee machine. The scent of a day filled with adventures crawling in your cup drink it up start your day slowly, one sip at a time.

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