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Got the blues

Blind Boy Paxton

playing his blues

it seeps through my pores

straight into my blood

I feel it rushing to my heart

makes it beat slower

and stronger

healing music

it feels strange

to see the sun is out

I have to get back to work soon

but when I close my eyes

I close reality's curtains

I'm in a late night

smoke filled

New Orleans

blues bar

women drink whiskey

men smoke cigars

I don't know if I'm sleepy

tipsy or high on music

my breath slows down

feel the liquor warm me up

it's hot outside

or cold

day or night who knows

I don't care

the blues has got me hypnotised

I might have been here

for as long as I live

I don't remember

life being anything

else than this.

People clap and cheer

bring me back

to daytime

clear skies

Byron Bay Bluesfest.

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