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That night

On Saturday night I found myself in one of the most luxurious homes I've ever seen. The entire bamboo villa decorated with flower petals, art, food and smiling faces. The Black Forest Green fundraisers. I met an amazing 16 year old girl who talked passionately about the fire for words, spoken and written, that was growing inside of her. She got up on stage and performed her slam poetry like I've never seen before. Turning a little flame inside of me into a real wild fire.

Musicians gave their all, and so did one man on the front row. A joyful, loud French man making people laugh. We chatted, I told him I'm hitching to Ubud. Not long after I'm balancing on the back of his bike with my backpack. Our night time journey led us via electric guitars and stars to artist homestay Santa Mandala. The moon stayed halfway. At 4.30 he put the cettle on and played old chansons. We looked out over the rainforest, talked life like you do early in the morning and late at night and slept until the sun was high.

I didn't realise it then, but that night would change life as I knew it.

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