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Dirty old men

What is it about older men and the look on their face like they can see straight through your clothes? Licking their lips, giving me chills. Hitch hiking through Australia as a girl by myself for a year taught me three things.1: wear long skirts because 2: mostly older men will pick you up and 3: they will stare at your legs until your sense of feeling uncomfortable reaches a whole new level.

When I am wearing clothes that cover almost every inch of my body and the staring persists, there is one trick I like to use. I ask them about their (grand)children. Eyes start to twinkle with pride and pictures are taken out of their wallet. The next hours will be filled with family stories and any thoughts of legs, hips or any other female feature are sent to a place far far away.

What if he is not trying to look through your dress at all, you're just having a lovely conversation and life is great? Wonderful! You have made a new friend! But beware when he offers you drinks, food, half of his hotel room king size bed. Unless that's what you want, of course. If you're after friendship and nothing more, please girls, beware. Because he might be expecting something in return for everything he's done for you. I know you're not naive and I believe in the power of that gut feeling, but it might come as a surprise. And it pisses me off like nothing else!

To all men who recognise themselves in this story: go to youtube, type in Dirty Old Man by Three Dergrees and enjoy the lyrics of that great song, they are about you! And until you learn to respect women, stay inside or we will have to cut off your testicles.

To all the other men who are amazing, respectful, keep going, you rock!

Happy Monday!

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