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Unholy Bagan


she said, Burmese greetings

on a hot afternoon

the sweat was dripping

she felt her face melting

as she entered the temple

a man was sitting in the corner

facing Buddha, he said hello

softly and quickly

she didn't look at him

afraid to interrupt his prayers

instead she focused on the Buddha

whose smile looked like a frown

she wiped her forehead

returned to her thoughts

this is what she longed for

solitude and meditation

taking shelter in the heat of the day

a pagoda, one of thousands

to sit in silence

reflect on life

pray for growth

spiritual enlightenment

she took a deep breath

searched the empty floor

for the perfect spot

swiftly glanced over to the corner

to the man in position

of what seemed to be intense praying

but as she looked closer

her eyes adjusted to the dark

jeans on his anckles

eyes on the Buddha

and dick in his hand

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