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Weekend in the woods

Life's on a roll

meeting people on a daily base

tagging along going places

I wouldn't even know about

if it wasn't for talking to musicians

saying yes to invitations

hitch hiking all over the island

to find the garden of eden.

My absolute dream house

where records are playing

cooking on my woollen socks

sending flavours of spiced chicken

across the living room.

Red wine and Isaac Hayes

bring me to a hazy place

of closed eyes

pillows on the couch

falling asleep has never been

sweeter than to Louis Armstrongs voice.

I walk the streets of New Orleans

in the 1920ies

wearing a top hat and

heels that go clack clack

he lights me a smoke

I don't tell anyone

my life's the road

I ain't never going home

cause I'm on a roll

I speak to strangers

talk and drink

until all lipstick's gone.

You lay my cards

for a giggle you say

there's love in the air tonight

don't know about you but

I'm staying up till the light

of day warms my face

reminds me there's

nowhere to be

no place to go

cause life's the road

and I ain't never going home.

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