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Kensington Market Sundays

My brain is brewing with ideas and projects, but while the sun is out, I want to explore this city as much as I can. Getting to know my neighbourhood makes me such a happy woman. Little Portugal is not only packed with beautiful parcs and pasteis de nata, it's also leading the way to my favourite place in Toronto: Kensington Market. There is something about the colourful houses, vintage shops and funky bars that reminds me of London. It's the vibe. The people, their extravagance. It draws me in.

After a rainy Saturday afternoon filled with writings, pancakes, Irish coffee, Nina Simone and conversations that made me fall in love, Sunday brought out the sun. All-day breakfast bars bring their tables outside. Sunday brunch never comes in moderation. Overflowing plates, coffee cups and hearts. Rosey cheeks didn't even try to hide the feeling of perfect Sunday bliss. The caffeine got me shaking, twirling around in my sunflower skirt. Strolling the Kensington streets, buying plants, walking hand in hand, making plans of wedding dresses and glitter suit pants.

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