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Autumn hideaways

Autumn smells like leaves changing colours, dirty chai and rain on the streets. I don't think I have ever enjoyed the change of season more than here. Maybe I'm just afraid of what the Toronto winter will bring. Whenever somebody tells me about the insane temperatures (-30°C) I buy a sweater. I figure if I wear all eight of them at the same time, I should be fine. But for now, I'm happy in my summer dress.

Toronto is beautiful, even when the city is covered in grey. People don't stop smiling and yelling compliments to each other. As soon as I arrived in Canada, I noticed something peculiar. Something all Canadians share. Their politeness. Their over the top ridiculously being polite. It's very nice and charming, but sometimes strange. On a dancefloor, when I would accidentally hit someone with my arm while waving enthusiastically or step on their foot or something clumsy I do when I dance, THEY would apologize. I'm sorry for you hitting me in the face with your elbow? Really? Crazy polite.

Toronto takes things to another level. People actually scream compliments at you from across the street. LOVE YOUR EARRINGS! WHERE DID YOU GET THEM? And before you know it, you are yelling an entire conversation at each other. I'm constantly walking around with a smile on my face. Toronto is being good to me and I feel so grateful. When I finish work, I get treated to the most spectacular sunrises. Pink clouds send me to sleep and when people get excited for lunch break, I wake up. The park is ready for picnic blankets and the farmer's market.

A cafe filled with people opens the door to let outside autum air in. Body heat turns the bar into an oven but I don't mind. Coffee scents and Erykah Badu's voice draw me in. Afternoons are for writing the hours away. Tea cups and lipstick stains until night falls. I share the late train to work with party people and I don't want to miss out so I put on psychedelic tights, golden shoes and glitter sweaters. I can read it from everyone's eyes. Bring on the night.

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