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Autumn coloured city escapes

Even though the city woman inside of me ventured off a long time ago to make room for the ultimate nature loving bush woman, I find myself living downtown Toronto. The biggest city in Canada, complete with crazy traffic, ugly tall buildings and serious faced businessmen in suits. My neighbourhood is called Little Portugal and that's exactly where I like to be. Pasteis de nata, old men smoking outside the sports bar, a 24-hour bakery and a beautiful park named Trinity Bellwoods. I enjoy staying in my little pocket and ignoring the madness of the city.

The park is where I spend most of my mornings, picking leaves, drinking tea, writing letters, playing frisbee. On weekends I have full days to go on greater adventures. I never liked the saying 'living for the weekend' because it's as if five days of the week are a struggle you just want to get out of as soon as possible, all to shower yourself in a 48-hour shaped slice of freedom. No! I want to enjoy every day! Which is not always easy, when you're working long hours in a warehouse while all you can think about is new writing projects. That's when the movie Factory Girl helps me to feel better, just like Amelie did when I was waitressing.

In search of great city escapes, I discovered Old Mill on the way to work. A gorgeous green patch surrounded by water and autumn coloured trees. High Park is another one of my favourites to go for a sunny day stroll. If you like ducks, this is your hub. And if you find yourself getting lost in the city maze, hit me up. I will take you out for a cup of coffee and will guide you on the way out of the big smoke and into lush forest freedom.

Have a wonderful weekend filled with great escapes!

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