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Island life

It's been one week since I left the mainland to bundle up in a tiny house on Vancouver Island. And boy, it feels good to be here! Already on the ferry to the island I got treated to something I have NEVER seen before! okay guess!

Nope, that's not it. Guess again!

No... Does that even exist?

I'll tell you before you dig any deeper in that absurd mind of yours. I saw fifty baby dolphins jumping around the boat!!! I could hardly hold myself from jumping around the place myself! I was giggling so loud I woke up the lady in front of me and we started talking and I thought: wow I have to do a lot more loud laughing by myself and people will start talking to me. Maybe it's just island people. They are the best. That brings me back to why I couldn't stop thinking about this place and eventually had to move here. These glorious people I met on dance floors, in forests or at house parties last summer.

I had never even heard of the Comox Valley before. Until I met a busker in Vancouver who told me all about the beautiful place he lives, the Valley indeed. He offered me his couch and two days later I hopped on the ferry to Vancouver Island. The sweetest people picked me up when I was hitch hiking and I immediately had a good feeling about this place. The mountains, ocean and forests blew my mind. Meeting inspiring artists, finding hidden festivals, going on adventures with new friends who turned into family straight away.

I travelled across Canada and lived in Toronto but the island was still on my mind. And now, many months later, I can giggle as loud as I want in my tiny home, on the bike, anywhere and everywhere because there are more mountains than people and the people that do live here, are hilarious. So I blend right in.

So what does one do on an island, you may ask. Hiking, biking, eating scones and doing new things like bikram yoga where sweating takes on new dimensions. Meeting friends, thinking of looking for a job but going for a beach walk instead. Talking with herbalists about collaborations, writing a fresh new book, taking a step back from the busy city life. This slow paced island life has got me all wrapped up in warm blankets and hugs. Especially when I woke up to a perfect snowy landscape this morning. Soup making, letter writing and snow ball fights. That's what I do when I'm all snowed in and can't get my bike to take me anywhere without hitting the ground. It's like the island is pushing me to do things that are good for the soul. To reconnect and grow. To see nature's beauty and appreciate the little things more than ever.

Wishing you a soulful weekend!

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