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Karma is a bitch

You ask me to write about your company, article needed asap. You need it so soon you forget all about making sentences. That's what you're bad at, that's what you need me for. Asap. A hundred dollar reward. You are a friend of a friend so I trust you. Oh hell, I trust everyone. Call me naive, but I like to see the good in people. That is why I hitch hike to work every morning. Getting in a stranger's car doesn't scare me as much as it gives me the opportunity to meet a new friend. That is why I surf couches all over the world, of people I have never even met before. Result: I am still alive and I have friends worldwide. I trust people, that is why I will happily write your article when you promise to pay.

Am I naive for believing this guy will pay me after I send him the article? Yes, silly girl! Of course he won't pay me! Why would I trust this guy in the first place? Because I believe in karma. Karma is clearly not going to pay my bills, but karma will kick his ass at one point. Last year I wrote about dirty old men, today I'm talking about time thieves. People who steal your time like you have nothing else to do than cleaning up their mess. People who use you and your precious hours. We all know them. We have all been there.

Please, call me naive. It's my own fault I let people walk over me. I will hit the wall again and again, because I'm not changing my view. I still see the good in people before feeling their dishonesty slapping me in the face. I choose to live this way. Optimism wins every time. So does karma. And man, she is a bitch.

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