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Vancouver Island Lovin'

It's been two months since I moved to Vancouver Island and I am feeling settled in. As if I've been here all along, like the trees in the magical forest of our backyard. I unpacked my backpack for the second time and surprised myself on how many items I have been gathering over the past months. Living in a house requires a certain dress code. It's all about house coats and funky aprons. So when the thrift store had a 50% sale, I went all out.

With summer in mind, I found myself trying on tutus and wedding dresses. One shiny dress with pink bows and other hilarious ugliness made me fall in love. So my festival outfit is checked off my shopping list. While planning sunfilled adventures and road trips, I am working three jobs and exploring everything Cumberland has to offer.

When I arrived here two months ago, people would ask me why I moved here. Did I have a plan? A job? Did I follow the love of my life to this tiny village on an island far away from home? I replied with a triple no and a smile, pointing out of the window, at the trees and mountains and ocean. THAT's why I moved here. Often the response was: "oh nice. But you do realise there are no jobs and single men here?" Smile on repeat and a little bit of a panic in my brain. I handed out resumes like a maniac, went to career fairs and checked craigslist every hour. No jobs. One month passed and as soon as the snow storms calmed down, I got a call for a job interview. And another one. And another! Three interviews lead to three jobs and I couldn't be more grateful to work for small, local businesses.

I have never lived in a little community where everyone knows everyone. It feels good! It means you work with friends, live with friends, party with friends. Cumberland is a special place filled with wonderful people. Sunny mornings drinking coffee on the porch, yelling good morning to everyone walking by. Saturday night dancing to funky tunes and Sunday mimosas and live blues for brunch. Morning shimmy shakedown and dance hall classes. Late night writing. Icy cold lake skinny dipping. Snowy mountain adventures and forest missions. Ecstatic dancing and steam room chanting. All the goods to soothe my soul.

Oh, and the summer is already happening in my mind. My feet got ridiculously itchy last week and I daydreamed of road trips and camping under the stars. I started looking around for a vehicle. This morning I woke up and found my dream car. I bought it without blinking. I can't wait to move into my little house on wheels and take it for adventures. River baths, bonfire coffees, starry skies and endless journeys. Bring it on.

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