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Winter blues solutions

Some mornings I wake up in a sun-filled room, jump out of bed into the day and feel ready for adventures. Talking to strangers, smiles everywhere and life is sweet. Other mornings the rain tries to get me out of bed. I reply with a groan and turn around, blanket over my head, hiding from the day. On grey days, I'm not always in the mood. To be social, leave the house or wear pants. They call it the winter blues.

I wasn't expecting endless summers when moving to Canada. So I had to get used to winter, to dark mornings, looking out of the window and feeling an emotion best described as 'meh'. Like other winter bluesers, I had to find a way to get around the grey. Add sparks of light and golden glitter to cloudy skies. I tried warming up and sweating in steam rooms and saunas. Drinking bottomless cups of coffee. Dancing until the break of dawn. All good, all fine, but the grey day feeling wouldn't leave me. And the next morning would be one of head aches and a heavy heart.

I started writing more letters. More than ever. Fitting tales and hugs in envelopes to send around the world. One fine day, I found a love letter in my snail mail box. All the way from Australia. Another one from Belgium, England, Canada, Spain. Every morning now, rain or shine, I jump out of bed with a fresh face and butterflies in my belly. Excitement in every step, a twinkle in every eye I meet, until I reach the post office and turn the key. Unlocking the PO box is like opening a treasure chest. The joy of writing letters multiplies when receiving a handwritten postcard filled with stories that make my day bathe in sunlight.

Thank you to all sweet letter writers, for sending me so much love and joy. Turning winter blues into summer heat.


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