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Atmosphere: a gathering of goodness

I don’t have many regrets in life, but one festival I do regret missing out on last year, is Atmosphere Gathering. After hearing all the stories and seeing videos of the party, I decided Atmosphere is where my dancing feet will be this summer. This colourful celebration of good souls and sweet tunes happens in my new hometown, Cumberland. Surrounded by lush forests and majestic mountains, the location is like a dream come true.

From August 18 to 20, this little town will turn into festival heaven. I know it’s still cold outside, but I am longing for summer more than ever. Especially when checking out Atmosphere’s plans to make us all dance. The lineup makes me walk around with a ridiculously big smile. Far too fruity to be put down on paper. But I’m going to do it anyway.

I forced myself to sit still and take 30 deep breaths. Nothing else would have restrained me from jumping up and shouting for joy like an idiot. Cast your eyes on this lineup and drool.

The Montreal based Half Moon Run make me feel weak at the knees just thinking about them. Their speciality? Sending sweet songs of goodness your way, A gentle swinging of the hips is out of place here. Please, go all out. Check out their music and learn the songs by heart for the ultimate husky voiced fan experience.

Enter the fascinating world of CloZee. This French musical magician will make you dance until the break of dawn.

And so will Astrocolor. They are bringing their funky/trippy tunes up from Victoria. Be ready to move your head and feet and everything in between from side to side. Many many times.

Sabota is named after an infamous stretch of road in Nelson, BC, where kids would meet up late at night to smoke weed, hook up and watch the sun come up. Their sound is inspired by what happens on Sabota Road and similar places, in that magical hour just before sunrise.

Move over Chet Faker, we have Frase who satisfies all our needs with his soulful voice and beats. I can listen to his sound aaaall night and day. And again. And again.

When you need that R&B spice in your life, Dirty Radio is here. Mixing house, R&B, electronic and pop together for that perfect dance floor combo.

Read this lineup. Now read it again and listen to all of this musical goodness. Let the sounds seep into your skin, ears, mouth. You will notice a slight smile growing bigger. Eyes closing with delight, the feeling of wanting, needing to move. If you are starting to float and feel as if your feet don’t really belong to you anymore, remember there is gravity to be maintained. Now, shake that booty and get your Atmosphere tickets right about here.

(Photo credits: Atmosphere Gathering)

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