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Fleetwood mac n cheese

This summer I was going to take it easy, leave room for long hikes and camping trips. But then festivals happened. And I can't say no to dress ups, silliness and dancing under the stars. So as soon as Bass Coast finished, I washed my clothes and dusted myself off for Burn in the Forest. Back to back, when you're on a roll you might as well keep rolling. The road trip was sweaty and bumpy. Every drive my car seems to let go of something. By the end of it, I'll be on my own. This time, it was the gps that gave up. So lots of stopping and smiling: excuse me, do you know where I'm going? I didn't, but somehow I made it to Burn in the Forest.

Men in tutus welcomed me, blowing bubbles in my face. Hello, sweet festival life! If Bass Coast is for dancing, this one is for rolling on the floor laughing. So many silly things happen in one weekend, it's hard to recall even half of it! Every camp does a million things, so the fomo is real. On Fryday the number one question we asked ourselves was: will it fry? So fryers got a-sizzlin' and blocks of chocolate, brie, pickles, bacon, donuts, everything and anything got thrown in those makers of magic crispy goodness and out came the fried mess of pickle flavoured chocolate melted bacon dipped in brie. Yum!

Baby cheetah camp offered a furry place of 24 hour purring sounds to nap off the fried food coma. Workshops on merkin making and nipple tassels, naked lube wrestling happened and horny men wearing nothing but a giant horn. When I thought my face was going to fall off from laughing, three girls dressed up as pineapples surrounded me. Would you like to enjoy the 360 degree pineapple experience? Uhm yes, of course! While one girl rubbed a pineapple on my arm, I got to smell the sweet golden fruit and simultaneously a shot of pineapple liqueur was poured in my mouth. All while they sang: this is your pineapple song, it isn't very long. And off they went. I actually cried tears from laughter.

Never was I hungry, after gifts of Dutch stroopwafels (I received a little waffle necklace after doing a splendid interpretive waffle dance while waiting in line), viking feasts, glamorous tea and cookies with the empress and the marvelous fleetwood mac n cheese party.

Thirst was quenched even before your cup was empty. Guns and rosé, wine and cheese, ceasars on the beach, spiked mimosas for brunch, a little coffee with your baileys? Yes, there was booze and food aplenty, but that's not what it was all about. It's the moments of happiness you share with this group of people you call your family for at least one weekend. Blissful river floating, story telling, love letter writing (yes, there was a postman!), sunrise dancing, waking up in a cuddle puddle, experiencing life in all its silliness together.

Magical memories and sweet friends were made. A glimpse of pure openness, generosity, inclusivity, being fully aware of the bubble of fun and freedom we created. All good things come to an end and the journey must continue, inspiring me to take this wonderful experience with me wherever I go. Burn in the Forest turns the fire in my heart into a spectacular show of fireworks. Cheeks glowing, soul sizzling with delight. But body in need of a detox.

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