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Oregon Eclipse: mind blown

The insides of my nose, ears and nails are still black, even after many a shower and scrub. Remains of two weeks in the Oregon dust. A head full of inspiration and a heart filled with love is what I take home with me (to my car). I am almost lost for words after an eclipse and festival so magical! But if you know me, you know how much I love talking. So with a husky voice and a twinkle in my eye, I'll tell you all.

It started with hugs and words of love, saying goodbye to Canada after 14 months of living and travelling in that massively beautiful country. Let the US adventure begin! First stop: border control. Hours of questions and officers turning my car inside out was the wonderful, fluffy, sparkly start of a roadtrip of a lifetime. Not. I needed to meet some nice Americans asap after that. Which of course, I did! Americans are ridiculously sweet and helpful. Except for border control people.

Driving for days through mountains and desert landscapes, I made it to the prairies of Oregon. The festival was taking shape and volunteer hands were needed: perfect. Locking hearts with my Australian wifey Gemma, celebrating our fourth year wedding anniversary, I knew this festival was going to be a special one. And I'm not even talking about the crazy thing that happened in the sky.

After a couple of days, the gates opened and colourful people started rolling in. Dust masks on, eyes still fresh with desire and curiosity of what might happen. Every single stage was a piece of art, with performances and dj's and everything you could wish for and more. The art installations were out of this world, creating a true wonderland, making me feel like a kid again. Full of energy to play! I rolled around in the mud bath, enjoyed the lake swims and the tree houses, the beautiful land and the magic happening behind every corner.

Long lost friends were found and reconnections lead to loud laughter. Because come on: we are in the USA! All of us! The festival family is a real community, travelling around the world and gathering in the most remote places on earth to celebrate life. And in this case: the eclipse!

Many thousands of people walked the path to the other side of the lake on Monday morning, preparing ourselves for the eclipse in all different ways. Eclipse glasses and friends in hand, champagne showers, costumes and mannequin parts, all kinds of things were brought to the solar temple to enjoy this special moment. My Vancouver family and I gathered in a cuddle puddle as the moon was slowly moving in front of the sun. As the light faded and the moon covered the sun, we all took off our eclipse glasses to soak up this amazing ring of fire and light.

I didn't know what to do with myself, I was so full of joy! So I jumped up and laughed and danced, while others screamed and some cried. It was incredible. By the time the diamond in the sky appeared, as the moon made her way further, my mind was totally blown. The adrenaline I felt rushing through my body left me with an urge to dive in the lake. Water is always my healing power. Whenever I'm overwhelmed by emotions, I pretend to be a mermaid and all is good.

The rest of the days felt different, I was calmer and more in tune. Experiencing the jomo (joy of missing out) instead of my ever feeling of fomo (fear of missing out). Grateful for where I am in life, open to any opportunities coming my way. And you know what happens when you're open to anything: abundance! Like bumping into that special person you never expected to see again, a dj playing your ultimate jam, and a ticket to Burning Man.

With the wind blowing dust in my face, Black Keys on full power and endlessly beautiful landscapes passing by, I'm on the road to Black Rock City.

Life, you rock my socks!

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