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Streets filled with surprises

Do you remember when you were little and opening Christmas presents was the best thing in the whole world? It was not so much the contents, but the action of tearing a wrapped up gift apart like it was serious business that made us all sweat with overexcitement. Now we're older we have grown a little bit more sophisticated. We slowly unfold the ribbons, then concentrate on opening the tape without ripping the paper. That's exactly how I started wandering through the streets of Florence. Unwrapping the city like a grown up. Carefully looking around, inhaling all its beauty. It took me one day. Then I realised there were gifts to discover everywhere. I mean everywhere. Not just anywhere.


Behind every single corner there was a surprise, like a present, waiting for the hands of an eager child on Christmas morning. This gorgeous city had a lot more in store than I dreamt of. From old buildings and spectacular views to traffic signs that make you smile, Florence has got it all.

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