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Run away from fall

Oh, it always happens so fast. One night you're sitting on a balcony drinking white wine in your red dress, the next day you're freezing your toes off while running from bar to bar, trying not to get too soaked. Autumn's here and he didn't spare me from his cold blue hands. Turn the heat up and make some tea, tonight we're watching movies and stuffing our faces with pudding. I like the cold, but under one condition: I have to be inside when it happens. So I can watch it. But not feel it. I love the cosiness, snuggling up in your pyjamas and baking delicious things that make you feel warm inside. The only reason to get out of the door is to run to the movies, the shabby small ones, where they sell happiness for 6 euros. These places remind me Belgium isn't such a bad place at all. Only afterwards, when we have to run back home through the pouring rain, I dream about more tropical places. New Zealand and Australia, I'm ready. Meanwhile I laugh and cry my eyes out on the plane to the other side of the globe as I watch this Belgian movie called 'Les Géants'. The soundtrack is beautiful, with the soothing voice of The Bony King of Nowhere. His music just makes me want to put cinnamon on everything I get my hands on. Sweet as hell.

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