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It doesn't matter where in the world I find myself, I always make sure I get back to Belgium by the end of December. Yes, it's lovely to see family for Christmas, stuff my face like never before and watch Home Alone in PJ's. But that's not what I'm here for. I have returned for one and one reason only. To hide out in a wooden cabin somewhere in the South Belgian woods with sixteen of my favourite people, a hot tub, frosty windows, muddy hiking boots and a ghetto blaster providing music to dance to, day and night.

Six years ago, something magical happened: I found my family in a bunch of hilarious people, all with different stories and interests, all connected because of one thing: our unconditional love for Brussels. Two years later, our first WEEK was organised. One week of living together in a house surrounded by nature's finest winter wonderland. Long walks, late nights, games, dance competitions, ex on the beach marathons, drinking cheap champagne in a jacuzzi under starry skies. What better way to wave 2017 goodbye and start the new year with no voice, one big shared hangover, all smiles and small eyes.

In December it's easy to let myself get carried away with grey days. Nights fall early, rain seeps through my skin until my brain gets foggy. Winter blues! I have found the ultimate cure for this loss of lust for life in one magical week filled with friends and laughter. 2018 started without a voice, but with all the love in the world! Thank you so much to my dear Brussels family for being all my favourite things in this life. You rock!

Happiest 2018!

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