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Brussels crush

Life! You sweet son of a gun! Whenever I think: "yes! I finally know what I want to do with my life, after months of being lost I finally found my way." Life is like: "Nah. I'm going to give you something completely different, let's see how you'll fit this in with your new plans. MUAHAHA!" So! I booked a ticket to Spain, thinking I'd be living in a hippy cave in Granada, dancing Flamenco and writing books. Until WEEK happened and I fell in love with Belgium.

Things went fast. Within one week I found a dream job and apartment in my favourite city. Walking on clouds because of my severe teenage crush I felt for Brussels. Heart beating fast, up all night, not wanting to miss a second of whatever is happening. It's as if Brussels is playing all her tricks on me to get me to stay. And it is working.

My new year's resolution is to say yes to every opportunity that comes my way. Which lead to impulsive travels around Belgium, flights booked, trains missed, nights in hotels and many many mornings gone. New rituals of visiting an old Brussels bar where they serve me croque madame, coffee and croissants as soon as I walk in. A wink and a smile from the waitress and a second coffee. Merci beaucoup.

When life goes fast, you roll with it. One year ago I was living in a snowy cabin in the Vancouver Island woods, enjoying the slow and cosy lifestyle. Now, I am showing my Canadian friends around the city that made me fall in love with Belgium, wanting to start up a life here and get to know the cracks in the smooth surface, the dark of night, sunrises before the busy city wakes up.

The diversity, every language spoken making me feel I'm travelling. The scent of Moroccan mint on Sunday morning, fresh croissants, damp second hand records at the flea market, smiling eyes. I can see my breath in the cold night air. My feet are itchy, but this time it's Brussels doing this to me.

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