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Music High

Aaah, it's been a while, hasn't it? One reason being the big life changes, a new chapter, fresh Brussels plans. Another reason is the fact that I really turned into a dinosaur, apart from having no smart phone, I now also live in a house without wifi. I kinda like it. Having to go out to scratch that internet itch. At home, we play records, put the kettle on and paint the walls a bright new start.

One week ago I moved to Brussels, into an anti-squad building where artists and makers share an apartment block, garden and ginger cat. Our flat is slowly turning into a home, with fairy lights and flowers all over the place. Coming home! Finally! I put on my fluorescent jacket and ride my bike up and down the long lane to work in the city. Life is all about live music and late night bike rides these days. Full moon, sparkly city views, I feel like Brussels is growing into a vaster space every time darkness falls.

Last Friday I was mesmerised by the concert organised by Indies Keeping Secrets Brussels. SYML sang his gorgeous songs under the starry skies of the planetarium. I laid down on the floor and felt like I was in a dream. Or at Burning Man, seeing things in their psychedelic ways. The concert finished too early, I longed for more of this man's soothing voice. Sunday evening I felt cosy and sleepy, after dancing the Saturday Night Fever out of my body, a lack of sleep and caffeine trembling through my veins. Still, I hopped on the train to hide in the darkness of the Botanique. Our botanical garden's very own magical venue, ensuring ears and eyes to fill with delight.

Music as a tool to forget what is happening in the world outside of the concert doors, to forget all worries on your mind and fall in love a million times.

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