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Lazy Sunday

Saturday nights often carry an energy overload in Brussels. People are all pumped up to let loose, the night they’ve been longing for after a week of work. Thursday night’s after work cocktails turn into Black Fridays and then the crème de la crème of the week still has to arrive: Saturday Night.

City folk are fueled by desire, expectations of what might happen after midnight. Yesterday Museum Night Fever got people hyped up. Temperatures rising, snow melting. Salted butter pancakes tasted sweeter than ever last night. All museums turned into dance floors, hip hop battles, acrobatic circus playgrounds.

We talked about our love for Brussels in a car, parked in the middle of a gallery. Stories of how we all ended up here, and what keeps us here, why we continue to come back after many years abroad. After telling our love stories, we looked at each other with blushing eyes. Bruxelles, ma belle!

Drinking wine until all lipstick faded and my voice reached its highest volume. Nothing left of it by the time morning came around. Strong cups of coffee and brunch made my eyes open up to a bright new day. Waking up to blue sunny skies is one of my favourite things to do. I grabbed my basket and wandered through streets I’ve never been before, to end up at the Sunday market at Flagey.

Yellow tulips under my arm and a big red smile on my face, making my way back home. Secretly thinking how much I like the Saturday Night Fever, the dancing, high energy, living a less sober life. But I might love Sundays even more. The slow paced, tiny eyed day where everything is fine. If all you do is buy flowers and drink coffee, that’s alright. If you spend all day in PJ’s ordering pizza and living in bed, that’s sweet. The only thing I find hard to do on Lazy Sunday, is being productive. :)

Happy, cosy, sweet and slow Lazy Sunday!

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