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Early Sunday I rode my bike until the sun started colouring the streets of Leuven a light yellow smile. Faces brightened up, my hair dried into a curly mess and the mood was set: one bottomless cup of coffee please!

My cousin Stina and I were invited to sell our teas, poetry and prints at Picknick Unique, an arty brunch in an old monastery. Empty rooms are used by artists, transformed by the touch of a camera, pencil, brush into studios and galleries. Food, music, art and sweet new friends, what more could a Sunday ask for?

I have always loved playing shop. As a child I was selling flowers from the garden, trading them for sweets. Now I enjoy creating teas and books and selling them at markets. The herbs are blended with stories, and behind every poem, a tale of faraway travels hides. When meeting people interested in these adventures, stories find shelter in the ears of the curious.

What makes it even better, is when different tales come together at one market, because of the same shared interests. I have traded my book with others, it feels a bit like chicken soup for the soul. I met other witches, crazy herb ladies and mushroom wizards. Because I’m out there with my passion potions and loud laughter and by the end of the day, my voice is always gone. But the passion grows, for doing all these things that I love, enriching my life with amazing people, art, beauty and poetry.

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