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Dream world

Thunderstorms are keeping me up. Late night writing sessions, spilling wine, marzipan sticking to my fingers. Does anyone ever fully experience life outside of the blur? It seems like a long time ago I could think clearly. Energy overload, no problems there. It’s just my dream world taking over, and I’m losing track of what’s real.

Have you ever had such vivid dreams you’re not entirely sure where the dream world stops and reality starts? The fine line turns transparent, you easily slip from one world into another until they both collide. Life becomes lighter, your feet don’t seem to find ground to touch anymore. I’ve been looking for grounding mechanisms lately. Getting my hands dirty, biting my nails. Dig dancing heels deep into beats. Read books (more worlds open up). Look at art, seeing it everywhere. Touch leaves as I’m running home: what did Canadian woods smell like again?

I want to play the sax in the middle of the night, but I live in an apartment block. Sometimes, I feel like drinking twelve glasses of wine, but I’m scared to throw up. I yearn to write down all the things I do, but I don’t want people to read it. How free can you actually be when you hold yourself back? That's when I know where my dream world stops, and reality starts.

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