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Oh festival life! I love you because I can get down and dirty, roll around in the dust and it’s a normal thing to do. I can wear all the colourful gowns I want to, or wear hardly anything at all, no one cares. Take glitter showers, drink pink beers for breakfast, dance until my legs can’t hold me anymore.

Make a million new friends, live in different tents. Summer lovin reaches high peaks at festivals. Boys forget about their girls, music blows the mind and alcohol drowns the heart. We frolick around the fields, hang in trees, cover ourselves in sunscreen and mud.

Dancing with the sun on my face might just be my ultimate favourite thing. Sweat, then wash it off in the water, back to the dancefloor. Swim in rivers of wine all the time. Life tastes sweeter, feels lighter, smells like freedom.

An ode to festivals! Where I can let loose completely, the wild child within me takes over and roams freely. All routine and basic stuff gets transformed into fabulousness and hilarity. When life starts to sink in and you wonder what to do with yourself, festivals are there to spray paint your world with glitter and gold.

That’s why I decide to live a life of non-stop dancing, stomping my feet deep in the dust, twirling around as if I’m Cinderella, birds carrying my skirts. The world spinning until I don’t know what's up and down anymore.

Happy festivalling!

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