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Festivalling like a teenager

I find it so wonderfully easy to live at festivals. I’ve been doing it for nearly fifteen years, so I found the hacks and blended my own way of doing festivals to perfection. Even though I’m not the dance floor goddess who waves a flower coated fan with essential oils in your face and offers you a sip of her ice cold mix of champagne and kombucha. This really happened to me. But it definitely isn’t me. I’m already feeling on top of my game when I make it to the dance floor with a bottle of water and luke warm beer in my pack.

I think my secret to success is living the festival life exactly like I did when I was sixteen. Dance like a maniac, jump around, get overexcited, drink nasty sugary alcoholic drinks offered by strangers, collect all the dust in my hair and forget what shampoo is, stay up until sunrise, make out like teenagers do then go home and crash. The only difference is, the crash lasts much longer now and sometimes I need to stretch in between dance moves.

Also, I prepare myself for the return home by stocking the fridge, making my bed and buying an exotic amount of chocolates to pave an easier road crawling out of the post-festival lows. To remind myself I’m a grown up, I make sure to eat at least one good meal during the festival. Beetroot bulgur salad can make you feel healthy for fifteen blissful minutes in between endless beers and fries. Trust me, treat yo' self. You’ll feel like a million dollars while still smelling like the familiar combination of sweat, dust, sunscreen and beer.

You’re welcome.

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