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Rosa Bonheur

Bonjour Paris! Oh how sweet it is to be wandering around the streets of the city of romance. Early rise in my Brussels bed, waking up to a turned off phone is always a surprise. I panicked, feeling so well rested I was afraid maybe it was already 9 AM and my train might have left. I took out the battery of my failing fair phone and checked the time. 6.26, thank goodness!

All went smooth, I packed my bag and moved my sleepy body into my jeans and trench. I took a bus downtown to see the flea market come to life, with a large chunk of people searching for the goods very early on a Saturday. The real serious collectors of all things bizarre and cheap!

Croissant in my hand, pack on my back and I’m off to Paris! My seat was next to a wildly gorgeous young man, who had me blushing at first. But once I got the right amount of comfortable, I fell into a sleep so deep I listened to three Yeasayer albums without being aware of any song.

The conductor's voice happily welcomed us to Paris. With my scarf I wiped the drool off my face (elegant sleep does not exist in my life), waved the handsome man adieu and ran off the train into Parisian sunshine.

Like every new place I explore, my eyes change their focus and see the little things in close-up. Pumpkins growing on a fifth floor balcony, hidden street art, smiling babies, grandpas playing petanque outside the park, figures in clouds making me feel like I’m seeing the city through Amélies eyes.

I brought an old school disposable camera and fired away. Autumn coloured leaves, fluffy clouds, curly architecture. I decided right then and there: nothing will go unnoticed on this Parisian frolick of mine.

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