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Harvest moon magic

Sometimes in life, magic happens. Of course: when you least expect it. When you focus on something and forget about all other thoughts that roam your mind on a daily base. You take a break, a holiday away from the usual. That’s when magic kicks in like a triple espresso of glitter.

I was feeling particularly high on energy when I took a day off work to enjoy the last Belgian sun with a sweet friend from Vancouver. We did what days off are all about: sleeping in, late brunch and scoring 1 euro records on the flea market. We slowly strolled the city streets, Brussels was in a beautiful mood that day so our cheeks blushed red from the sunshine and daytime wine.

There are people you meet you know will change your life one way or another. You just feel that no day will be the same with this new pair of eyes that found their way into your world. Most probably you’re not ready for the change, because you have just settled in to your own comfy ways. And your cocoon is the best place to hide in, especially when someone is about to turn your cosy into chaos, or your chaos into cosy, whatever you desire.

That was the case with the Canadian friend who visited me in Belgium, and it would be the case with the two people I met that very same afternoon on a Brussels terrace, drinking rose, smiling at life, chatting away while meeting an Australian woman who turned my world upside down with her stories and joyful being, and a man who I knew would soon be one of my favourite humans on this planet.

The hours flew like seconds, three days and nights passed and I’m wide awake in the middle of the night. Savouring the silence, the dark hours when breath is the only sound you hear. What is it that keeps me up? Thoughts running through my mind, body ready for a fresh new day. The full moon always does crazy things to my body, but that’s nothing compared to what this man is doing to me.

So many changes occur as summer turns to fall, still my cocoon is longing for my presence. I ignore the pull as I wake up to the morning sunrise and get out, in search of more of that magic.

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