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Alice in Wonderland

I like to decorate my life as if it were a Wonderland. Living in the reality of grey Brussels with work and responsibilities, but opening the doors to a parallel universe where everything is just that bit more colourful and shiny. I used to have pretty bad eyesight and once in a while I would just stare at the world without glasses or contacts, really liking that blurry reality I made up for myself. Add to that: growing up as an only child, with an imaginary world so big I could easily get lost in it.

No wonder my adult life is still filled with glitter, bright cat smiles, moon howls and other magic. Some days I prefer to feel like a giant, ordering only tiny cups of espressos and other things that make me play a part in the mad hatters tea party. Other days I want to shrink into a mini-me and take baths in golden tea cups. My bike is my partner in crime, taking me on adventures as if it were leading the way. I date the city I married, dressing up in ridiculously fabulous gowns and drinking fancy cocktails in hotel bars.

Honestly, most of the time I don't even know what I'm doing. As long as it's out of the ordinary, it's all good.

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