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The Rules

There are so many rules to succeed in life. Especially in this city life I currently find myself fooling around in, I notice from time to time I bump into transparent walls. Here, and no further. Of course most of the rules I tell myself I have to follow, in order to try and act as normal as possible and not show the world too much of this other planet I actually reside on.

Some rules are clearly set by others, like: friends, bosses, family, society. It’s funny how random people start applauding you for working full time, while I feel it’s no good for me to hide behind a computer 40 hours a week. Without being able to write even one blog post. Or how I have to act cool because for the first time in my life, I was offered a job with crazy responsibilities. While clearly, when I retreat to my own planet, I cheer and celebrate and am also scared pantsless.

More rules that seem to invade my privacy lately: dating rules. No cinema on the first date. So probably taking my date to a movie where a boy cuts off his own penis with a pair of scissors, was not a good idea. And obviously: against the rules. Or telling a boy I like him, oh no! Don’t do it! Or do it and ruin your chances of love forever! Of course I did it and it was definitely, definitely against the rules.

Because let’s face it, following all these life and love rules is exhausting. All I long for is a day hidden away under blankets, building a pillow fort, drinking tea, eating chocolate and live from one nap to another, all the way through winter. Until the days grow longer and temperatures rise again, I will roll up into wintersleepmode. Only when it gets warm enough to peel the layers of blankets off my body, I will come out again. But alas, those are not the rules.

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