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Today I bring an ode to impulsivity. The act, without the thought of what the result might be. As long as everything is fun and no one gets hurt at the end of the adventure, I am a life long fan of all things impulsive. Getting a tattoo without any idea of what you want, leafing through a book of drawings and falling in love.

Booking a flight because you’ve dreamt of living on a Canadian island. Finally getting your driver's license and buying a car because your visions of endless Californian road trips can become reality. Going for a job you thought could only be real in your dreams. Yelling compliments at someone across the street. Taking a stranger out for a date. Writing letters to beloved ones living on the other side of the globe, just to let them know you're thinking about them.

Aaah yes! The impusivity of things! Saying YES to a night out even though you’re falling half asleep on the couch, and then feeling hyper energised from dancing like a maniac. Starting a conversation on the train, smiling at someone you’ve been passing for weeks now. You get the point. Impulsivity is key. It’s been my go-to for years, the way I organise my life.

Needless to say my life can be pretty chaotic. Last-minute is my favourite time zone, new projects that will be left unfinished for the rest of eternity are the only projects I know, potentially regretful little love affairs and a constant lack of sleep are what I carry around wherever I go.

All because I often didn’t think things through and just answered any adventure with a bowl full of YES while throwing my arms in the air with excitement. Still, the thrill of the moment where my mind disables the off-button and gets turned on with the impusivity of the action, overrules the come down when reality kicks in and you’re left with the remains: psychedelic tattoos, dodgy travel stories, sticky situations and a bunch of good memories.

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